Wednesday, October 1, 2014

a good book a day for 31 days- The Empty Pot

In real life, the good guys don't always win. Sometimes evil triumphs. One might have to wait until the afterlife for judgement and reward. A gentle folk tale about the power of the truth, The Empty Pot tells the story of a young boy who refuses to kowtow to peer pressure and he is rewarded in this life for his integrity and bravery.

It is a simple book with dazzling, colorful illustrations. There are only two main characters, the Emperor of China and a small boy, Ping. Both are avid gardeners. The Emperor decides to use a seed-growing test to decide who the next emperor will be. When Ping's seed does not grow and he is ashamed to bring his empty pot to the Emperor's gathering of children, his father reassures him in love, "Your best is good enough to present to the Emperor." What child wouldn't benefit from such a loving, protective father!

We may have to remind our children that they will not always be rewarded like Ping in this life for honesty in difficult situations, but the lesson of the story- personal responsibility and honesty at all times- is an important one.

this book should be read: when one needs strength to tell the hard truth
this book is special because: beautifully detailed illustrations, unforced yet culturally diverse, strong and compassionate authority figures
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welcome to: a good book a day for 31 days

Welcome to my wee corner of the blogosphere! It is usually all about family, home, and Byzantine Catholic spirituality here, but I thought I would write on another of my favorite subjects for 31 days- books.

All of the books (fiction, non-fiction, adult, YA, children, all genres) I have chosen are favorites and on my book shelves right now. I love them all; so I won’t necessarily be reviewing the books- I’ll be writing book reports
Remember book reports? They are short, sweet, and (hopefully) to the point…thanks for joining me while I try to wipe the mommy/ESL instructor fog away and write some coherent blog posts on some good (and sometimes great) books! I also hope to host a few giveaways of some favorite books- some provided by Sophia Institute Press, a great Catholic publishing house.
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Thursday, September 25, 2014

German Quick Takes

pretty happy funny real Germany

pretty- This baroque church is on the site of a Benedictine monastery founded in 505 AD. It is unusual because it has statues instead of a painting above the altar. if you look carefully, you can see St george defending a lady from the dragon.
happy- The kids were happy to be in Germany. it meant it was almost time to go home after a long summer without papa!

funny- We had a lot of fun at the falcon show. This vulture did make it up in the air, flying over the crowd and bumping into daughter #1 a few times. 
real- I could have a pity party that I stayed at the village with the little ones while the big girls spent the day in Munich with our hostess, but it was worth it. They spent hours exploring the city. The real 'real' is that they were able to visit the spot where Sophie Scholl and classmates studied and were condemned for their resistance to the nazi party. At the University of Munich, tiles depicting the pamphlets they published are a memorial to her and others.
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